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No other act of nature captures our imagination as strongly as fire. Sometimes we fear and respect its rage, sometimes we love its suggestive warmth and protection, always we are fascinated and mesmerized by its  powers, deeply rooted in symbolism from the earliest days of mankind.

Ancient fire rituals have been integrated into many religious and cultural settings and used throughout history to break through the veil of everyday life into the realm of archaic emotions, ecstatic sensory experiences and deep spirituality. Many forms of fire dances were also performed as pure entertainment for the elite and a sign of individual artistry and skill.

In modern days, not many original fire rituals have remained intact. Maybe the most genuine of the modern traditions, the Thai Fire Dance, evolved on the tropical beaches of the Andaman Sea throughout the last century.

For the first time, a true master from the most revered Thai tradition has come to Europe. Three time national Thai Fire Dance champion, Karem performs for select guests and private clients in a setting with a mix of traditional and modern features.